W4SNA Repeaters

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This repeater system was established to promote fellowship among Amateur Radio operators and to encourage 6 meter FM activity.

The 53.950, 146.790 and 442.6375 repeaters are located on Sauratown Mountain which is about 20 miles NNW of downtown Winston-Salem, NC. The 53.310 and 443.700 repeaters are located on Young Mountain near Cleveland, NC which is about 12 miles NW of Salisbury, NC. The repeater system covers a large portion of Piedmont North Carolina and some of Southwestern Virginia.

442.6375 Digital Mobile Radio (DMR) repeater on Sauratown Mountain is on the air. The repeater switched to the Brandmeister network on November 13, 2021.

443.700 Digital Mobile Radio (DMR) repeater on Young Mountain is on the air. The repeater is connected to the Brandmeister network.

PRN talkgroups are not compatible with Brandmeister. Please do not use PRN talkgroups on Brandmeister.

Repeater timeslot 2 is reserved for local traffic on talkgroup 313715 All other talkgroups belong on repeater timeslot 1.

You must have a valid radio ID to access Brandmeister. Get your radio ID from radioid.net

Sample codeplug: TYT MD-UV380 Brandmeister codeplug for King DMR repeater
This codeplug has dummy info in it and will not work as is on Brandmeister. The user must replace the dummy ID and call with their info..

Sauratown Mountain Repeater Building

W4SNA Repeaters
Sauratown Mountain, NC
53.950 !*
Young Mountain, Cleveland , NC
53.310 !*
Sauratown Mountain, NC
146.790 !*
Sauratown Mountain, NC
Young Mountain, Cleveland , NC
! Linked full time
* Emergency Power
^ Brandmeister

Sauratown Mtn. 442.6375 Brandmeister DMR Info
Color Code: 2
Time Slot 2: Local talk group: 313715 (Linked full-time to Young Mtn.)
Time Slot 1: Brandmeister talk groups access

Young Mtn. 443.700 Brandmeister DMR Info
Color Code: 1
Time Slot 2: Local talk group: 312782, Sauratown Link talkgroup: 313715
Time Slot 1: Brandmeister talk groups access

Sauratown Mtn. Repeater Status
Sauratown Mtn. Last Heard
Young Mtn. Repeater Status
Young Mtn. Last Heard
Brandmeister Login
Visit https://brandmeister.network for more info

Brandmeister Operating Guidelines for the W4SNA DMR Repeaters

Timeslot 2 is reserved for local communications. Do not connect dynamic talkgroups to timeslot 2. All dynamic (on demand) connections should be made on timeslot 1.

If you want to listen to a talkgroup on timeslot 1 please use Brandmeister hoseline. This leaves the timeslot free for other users wishing to have QSOs.

Please use talkgroups found in the Brandmeister talkgroup list. Brandmeister talkgroups

Have fun!

W4SNA APRS Weather Stations
Call Location
W4SNA-2 Sauratown Mountain, 20 Miles NNW of Winston-Salem, NC (2200' AMSL)
W4SNA-3 Pops Peak, Fancy Gap, VA (3125' AMSL)
W4SNA-4 Young Mountain,Cleveland, NC (1106' AMSL)

View Repeater System Status Page

View looking South from repeater site on Sauratown Mountain.

Operating Guidelines
Key your transmitter for one to two seconds before speaking to allow all repeaters to “come alive”. Failure to pause before speaking will chop off the beginning of your transmission on the linked repeaters.
When checking into nets on this system do not momentarily drop your carrier to check for doubling. This drops out all of the links. When you key back up all of the repeaters must “come alive” again before you will be heard. Let the net controller deal with doubling.
Follow the net controller’s instructions when checking into nets. Not all nets are alike. Correct procedure for one net might not be the correct procedure for another.
Pause between transmissions to allow a station with emergency traffic to break in.
Say the word “BREAK” three times if you need to interrupt a conversation or net to pass emergency traffic.
Have fun.

Net Schedule
The Say Good Morning With Radio Net
Friday Night International Open Forum Net
All times US Eastern unless otherwise noted. Times subject to change without notice.

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