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Issues with the W4SNA repeater system.

  1. The 146.79 has noise on the remote RX link. Time to fix unknown.
  2. The 53.95 repeater is back to full power.
  3. The 53.31 repeater has RX problems. Will investigate ASAP.


Major changes for the W4SNA repeater system.

  1. The 444.750 has been shut down
  2. The 53.95 repeater is back to full power
  3. The 146.79 repeater has a new DB Products DB-224 antenna. Coverage is improved
  4. The 146.79 repeater is experiencing intermittent noise interference from an unknown source
  5. The 53.31 repeater is back to full power


Major changes for the W4SNA repeater system.

  1. The 444.750 on Sauratown Mountain is shutting down and moving to Tobaccoville. The repeater will be converted to DMR.
  2. All links including IRLP and Echolink are down while I build a new 146.79 repeater and linking system.
  3. The Sauratown APRS weather station is temporarily down.
  4. The DMR repeater is moving to the site once occupied by the 444.750.
  5. The 53.95 repeater will remain on low power due to intermod interference.
  6. The 53.31 repeater is on low power due to power supply problems. I will fix it eventually.


The Echo/IRLP node is repaired and on-line.


The Echo/IRLP node is off-line due to hardware failure. Estimated time to repair is unknown.


The 146.790 repeater has been moved to the former 147.045 site on Sauratown Mountain.


The 147.045 repeater has been decommissioned. It is returning to Fancy Gap, VA and K4EZ's system.


The 147.045 repeater is up and linked to the system.


Duplex operation of the 147.045 repeater has been disabled due to severe desensing and duplex noise. The repeater frequencies can still be used to access the rest of the link system.

Time to repair is unknown.


The Sauratown 442.6375 DMR repeater is on the air from Sauratown Mountain. Coverage should be similar to the 444.750 analog repeater . The repeater is Internet connected and is full time on PRN.


DMR (Digital Mobile Radio) is coming to the W4SNA system sometime in the next few weeks. The repeater will be co-located with the 146.790 repeater on Sauratown Mountain. The repeater wll be digital mode only and will be connected to PRN full time on time slot 2.

Frequency: 442.6375
Offset: +5 MHz
ID: 313715
Color Code: 1
Local Talk Group: 27715 Time Slot: 1

The point-to-point wireless network link hardware is backordered and should be shipped in the next week or so. The repeater will be installed after the network connection is established on Sauratown Mountain.

The Connect Systems CS700 is a reasonably priced DMR/Analog HT.

NC PRN Wide-Area Digital Amateur Radio Network


The main duplex noise problem was traced to the Kenwood TKR-720 repeater transmitter. The back-up repeater was installed. The 147.045 is back on-line. CTCSS decode/encode aren't working. The repeater is running carrier squelch and without CTCSS encode for now.


The power amplifier has been repaired and reinstalled.

The 6 meter Dominator antenna on Sauratown was in need of an overhaul. It has been removed and the spare Dominator installed.


The power amplifier has failed. The repeater is running low power. The amplifier has been removed and brought to the shop for repair.


The primary repeater has been taken out of service for a major
overhaul and has been moved to my shop in Tobaccoville. A
back-up single site repeater is in service on Sauratown Mountain.
All voting receivers are offline. I estimate three to four weeks to
complete the overhaul. Site noise is affecting the RX sensitivity. Not
much I can do about it.

The repeater has a new DB224E four bay dipole antenna. All of the
dipoles are pointed SSE toward Winston-Salem to maximize
coverage there. We located and eliminated several duplex noise
sources which were causing severe interference when the repeater
amplifier was on. Things are relatively quiet at the site for now so
the amplifier is online and the repeater is at full power. The
repeater seems stable and is in maintenance only mode for now.


The 53.990 repeater has been decommissioned and removed from Pops Peak, Fancy Gap, VA. The remote voting receiver for the 53.310 repeater has been reinstalled and is operational.


The nets are back online.


The repeater system is experiencing technical problems which are interfering with the nets. The nets are suspended until the problems can be resolved.


The 147.045 GE repeater has been replaced with a Kenwood repeater. There are Duplex noise problems at the site which will be addressed next Spring. The repeater will be running low power until then.


The 147.045 TX has problems and is off the link until it can be repaired.

Stations using the 444.750 repeater can no longer make outgoing IRLP and Echolink connections. Incoming connections are as before. The 6 meter repeaters are not affected by this change.


The temporary Workman antenna has been replaced with a Hustler G7-144. Hopefully the DB224 antenna will be available some time in early Spring. The G7 seems to be working well. I just don't know if the G7 can handle the weather on Sauratown.

An intermittent problem in the repeater receiver which caused low sensitivity has been found and repaired. Repeater RX coverage is much improved.

N4TZD and I spent several hours on Sauratown Mountain installing the link radio and tuning up the repeater.

The 147.045 is on the network full time.


Hi all.

The 147.045 and 146.79 repeaters are joining the W4SNA repeater system. Both repeaters are located on Sauratown Mountain. The repeaters are on the air. PL tones will not change.

The 147.045 was moved from Fancy Gap to Sauratown Mountain a couple of weeks ago. The 147.045 will be full time linked to the network. The 147.045 is on a temporary antenna. Coverage isn't what it should be. The DB224 antenna that goes with the repeater is still on the tower on Pops Peak. Most likely it will be Spring before the DB224 is relocated to Sauratown. The antenna pattern will be directional to the South after the DB224 is installed. I'm working on a Kenwood based repeater to replace the existing 147.045 hardware.

The 146.79 will eventually have network capabilities but normally will be run as a stand-alone repeater.

Of course plans are subject to change.

147.045 +600 kHz offset PL 103.5
146.790 -600 kHz offset PL 107.2


The 53.990 PA is out of service. The repeater is running exciter power only. Time to repair is unknown at this time.


IRLP simplex node 3569 is on the air. The node is open. No access code required. Node frequency 440.775 MHz with a PL of 100.0 Hz.

Outgoing Connections
IRLP- 4 digit node number
Echolink- # then Echolink node number
Disconnect- 73

This is not a repeater. Only incoming IRLP traffic is transmitted by the node on 440.775. Stations using the node must be aware that they might not be able to hear other stations using the node.

I will occasionally use the node to monitor nets and other activities not carried on the W4SNA repeater system.

I plan to upgrade the node antenna at a later date.


IRLP node 3569 is moving from Hillsville, VA to Tobaccoville. The node will be simplex on 440.775 MHz with a PL of 100.0 Hz. There are some technical issues to overcome before the node goes live. Also, the frequency is subject to change based on an activity survey in progress.

The node will be open to all. Coverage should reach 10 to maybe 15 miles from Tobaccoville for base stations.


53.310 is running reduced TX power. There was a cascading failure in the TX chain which took out the PA. The bad PA was replaced with a lower power spare.


After listening to the first give-away net it is obvious that the nets are going to run close to two hours. I have readjusted the automatic disconnect time to allow two hours for the nets.


The IRLP node is scheduled to automatically disconnect from the morning and Friday evening nets 1 1/2 hours after the nets start even if the net is still running. If you wait until the last minute to check in to the net you might be missed.

We switch to Eastern Standard Time this weekend. The IRLP node automatically connects to the morning net at 9:55 AM and disconnects at 11:30 AM. Starting Friday November 8 the node automatically connects to the evening net at 7:55 PM and disconnects at 9:30 PM.

This system will participate in the New Year's Eve World Wide QSO Party. The node will connect to the QSO Party reflector on December 31 at 5:30 AM EST just before New Zealand's midnight. Folks are encouraged to get on the air and make some contacts.


The 53.990 repeater on Pops Peak at Fancy Gap, VA is on the air. There are some technical issues forcing the repeater to run low power for the time being.

53.990 MHz, Offset: -1.0 MHz, PL: 100.0 Hz

The FNN group is holding their annual New Years Eve radio give-away again this year. Starting November 1, checking into the Friday Night Net and select Morning Nets enter you into the drawing. Information and rules can be found at http://fnnirlp.net/giveaways.html


Hi folks. I'm in the process of switching from the Yahoo Group to an email distribution list for repeater status updates. When the switch is complete I will lock the Group and leave it for reference purposes only.

Repeater status information will be posted on this page. Newest items will be added to the top of the list. Users will be notified of significant repeater system outages, changes and events via the email distribution list. Routine news and status info will be posted here only. I will work out how to handle comments from the group later.

Please send an email to w4sna "at" tobaccovilleweather.com with your Amateur Radio call as the subject if you want to join the new email distribution list .


New Years Eve 2012 will be a busy time on the W4SNA repeater system. The system will join the New Years Eve Worldwide QSO Party on IRLP reflector 9200 at 5:30 AM one half hour before New Zealand celebrates the New Year. The system will be connected to 9200 until 5:30 AM New Years Day which is one half hour after Hawaii celebrates the new year. There are a couple of exceptions. The system will break away to 9668 for the FNN Morning Net at 9:55 AM EST and the FNN Radio Give Away at 8:55 PM EST. The node will return to the QSO Party at the conclusion of the net and drawing.
New IRLP node connection schedule:
Carolina 440 Network - 8:00 AM until 9:50 AM and 11:30 AM until 4:00 PM Monday through Friday.
Carolina 440 Network - 7:30 PM until 8:00 PM Monday evening for Carolina 440 Rag Chew Net
FNN Morning net - 9:50 AM until 11:30 AM Monday through Saturday
Friday Night Net - 0055 UTC until 0230 UTC (7:55 PM until 9:30 PM EST or 8:55 PM until 10:30 PM EDT)
IRLP node 4069 will be available for local use when not connected.
The 53.310 repeater will be moving to Pops Peak, Fancy Gap, VA as soon as the move is approved by the Pops Peak site owner. The 53.310 remote receiver currently on Pops Peak will move to Sauratown Mountain. The 444.750 will remain on Sauratown Mountain.
The 53.950 repeater on Young mountain is officially on the air and is linked to the system. The repeater is experiencing intermittent severe power line noise interference.
The 147.045 repeater at Fancy Gap, VA has been transferred to Mike, K4EZ. The repeater is no longer part of the W4SNA system.

I have coordinated a 6 meter repeater for Young Mountain in NW Rowan County near
Barber, NC and Cleveland, NC. The coordinated frequency is 53.950, offset of -1.0 MHz with a PL tone of 100.0 Hz. The repeater will be located at the Barber Junction Repeater Association 146.730 site. Here are the coordinates if you want to look it up on Google Earth.

LAT: 35.737713° LON: -80.647264°

The repeater will basically be the same hardware as the Sauratown 53.310 minus the remote receiver capabilities.

The repeater antenna is a DB Products DB212-4 four element folded dipole array with custom phasing harness. The antenna will be side mounted for omni directional pattern on the 100' Rohn 25 tower at the site. The center of the antenna will be located 412' above average terrain.

I am expecting 40+ mile mobile range. The repeater should provide good mobile coverage in Charlotte. The repeater will be linked full time to the Sauratown system.

Estimated on air date is late March or early April.

Raleigh IRLP reflector disconnect time has been changed from 11:55 PM to 10:00 PM so the night owls can use the W4SNA repeaters without disturbing the Raleigh folks.

The 147.045 repeater on Pops Peak at Fancy Gap, VA is now a full time member of the W4SNA linking system. The repeater has large coverage in western NC and VA.

The W4SNA IRLP node and repeaters are linked to the Carolina 440 Network in Raleigh, NC on IRLP reflector channel 9210 from 8:01 AM until 11.55 PM daily except during the FNN nets. More info on the Carolina 440 Network can be found at http://carolina440.net/.

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